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4 min readFeb 20, 2023

About $SNACK token

Snack is an ever-growing utility token in the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) developed by Crypto Snack, a global pioneer in crypto payment solutions for real-world transactions.

$SNACK is a fair launched DeFi token that allows holders to access exclusive football experiences and igaming advantages. By purchasing and holding $SNACK, you have the possibility of getting VIP tickets for LaLiga games, meet and greets with football players, free spins and bonuses at popular crypto casinos, and more.

The Crypto Snack team is constantly building new partnerships to expand utilities and increase the value of the token over time.

SNACK experience
SNACK exclusive experiences at RCD Espanyol stadium — Barcelona

Why hold a DeFi token?


One of the first benefits of holding a cryptocurrency token is decentralization. With a traditional financial system, power is centralized with a few banks or government entities, leaving the public vulnerable to manipulation and abuse. With cryptocurrency, power is decentralized and spread out among many different stakeholders, which helps to protect the public from manipulation and abuse. This decentralization also helps to ensure the security of the system, as it is much more difficult for a single entity or individual to interfere or manipulate the system.


Another benefit of holding a cryptocurrency token is transparency. Cryptocurrencies are built on top of public, open source blockchains, which means that anyone can view and audit the transactions on the blockchain. This helps to ensure that all transactions are legitimate, and that everyone is playing by the same rules. Additionally, it helps to protect users from fraud, as all transactions are recorded on the blockchain and can be easily audited and verified.


Security is another major benefit of holding a cryptocurrency token. Cryptocurrencies are built on top of secure, encrypted networks, which helps to protect users from hackers and other malicious actors. Additionally, cryptocurrencies are built on top of distributed ledgers, which makes it nearly impossible to tamper with or reverse transactions. This helps to ensure that all transactions are secure and immutable.


Tokenomics is another benefit of holding a cryptocurrency token. Tokenomics refers to the economics behind a particular token, and it can help investors understand the potential value of their holdings. Tokenomics can help investors make decisions regarding when to buy or sell a token, as well as assess the potential value of investing in a particular token.


Staking is another benefit of holding a cryptocurrency token. Staking is a method of earning rewards for holding a particular token for a certain period of time. This can be an effective way to earn additional income from a token, and it can also help to increase the value of a token over time.


Ultimately, holding a cryptocurrency token can be a great way to participate in the cryptocurrency space, join a group of likeminded people, and potentially earn additional returns.

The $SNACK vision

Crypto Snack is building a meta community of people and brands aligned around the passion for entertainment, where members can leverage the experience of playing and winning.

Unlike other tokens, $SNACK is backed up by our strategic, long-term business plan, also aware of the impact our processes have on the planet.

$SNACK is backed up by a strategic, long-term business plan

SNACK token utilities

So far, Snack makes it possible for their holders to access the following experiences and benefits:

⭐️ Exclusive Football real-life experiences

  • VIP tickets for LaLiga games in Barcelona
  • Hang out with the players
  • Meet the legends of football
  • Train with the football team
  • VIP Stadium tours with the players

⭐️ iGaming advantages

⭐️ Local exclusive benefits (Spain)

  • GBTC special discount for IRL purchases
  • Real-life social events
  • Meet our founders, investors and partners
  • Expert crypto-for-business advice

⭐️ Long-term view

  • A strong business team developing an ambitious partnerships strategy
  • An environmentally sustainable overall commitment
  • Custom benefits for early major investors — Contact us for more information

⭐️ Coming soon

  • Get special discounts on football merchandise and tickets
  • New benefits in more European major league clubs
  • Get higher bonuses in the most popular crypto casinos worldwide
  • Blockchain education grants

How to buy $SNACK

How to buy Snack
How to buy $SNACK

➡️ Get SNACK with credit/debit card

➡️ Get SNACK on

➡️ Get SNACK on Pancake Swap

➡️ In person from a GBTC financial advisor (Spain only)

Soon available on a top tier exchange (Get notified when it’s on)

Need help? Contact our team

How to open your first wallet:

How to open a crypto wallet on Trust

More information

🍩 Snack Tokenomics

🍩 Snack Contract Address: 0x86accc2580da5bd522a0eec7c881a0d4f33de657

🍩 Snack Token tracker:

Snack Tokenomics
$SNACK tokenomics

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